Super Flipside now on Steam

I'm very happy to make a couple of announcements about Super Flipside:

  • Super Flipside is now available to download on Steam for Windows and Mac!
  • Along with this, I've shipped some new difficulty levels, bringing the total number of levels up to nine!

As you probably know, I built Super Flipside with Javascript and canvas. As such, I was very easily able to use Electron to build the game for Windows and Mac. I had already added keyboard controls for the browser version of the game and Electron ships with excellent implementations of native browser APIs like localStorage, so I'll be honest: it took barely any work on my end to make this happen.

I also took this opportunity to add some new difficulty levels. I've had a lot of friends comment that the game is too hard. Yes, the game is supposed to be hard, but I wanted people to see more of the game instead of becoming immediately frustrated with it. So, I added a few easier difficulty levels. Now each of the core three levels have an easy, medium, and hard (identical to the original) version. Hopefully this means players should at least be able to make some progress (although easy mode is still pretty hard)! These changes are only available on Steam right now but I'll push an update for the iPhone version shortly.

Here's what's currently on the Super Flipside roadmap:

  • Gamepad support (it desperately needs this)
  • A Linux port
  • Tighter Steam integrations (achievements? leaderboards?)
  • Maybe one day an Android port ;)

Give it a download and let me know what you think!