Introducing vhost_writer

I'm excited to say that I've released my first Ruby gem, vhost_writer! It's a command-line tool that will automatically generate virtual host configuration files based on a directory of existing websites and a given ERB template. You can give it a shot by installing it with gem:

$ gem install vhost_writer

Then run it like this:

$ vhost_writer /path/to/sites/ /path/to/configs/ /path/to/template.erb

I wrote this tool because it was something I wanted to use - I've got a lot of weird one-off sites with almost indentical vhost configs, so something like this suits my needs perfectly. Maybe you'll find it useful too!

I plan on continuing to develop some additional enhancements (the ability to take a config file, blacklist certain sites, generate sane default templates, and maybe more).

For more details as well as the source, check it out on Github!