FlipSide is an Xbox Live Indie game I developed. It's currently available for download on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace.

FlipSide is a game about multitasking. You control two independent ships at the same time, one with the left analog stick, and the other with the right analog stick. There are five challenge stages and an endless mode in which you must navigate both ships through complex patterns of moving gates.

Sound difficult? It should. FlipSide was designed to be hard - like, really hard. I love hard video games, games that make you play again and again until you enter a state of zen and finish the level with flying colors. My audience for this game was niche, but it definitely exists, and they definitely want more, so I made it for them.

FlipSide features super minimalistic graphics as well as an awesome soundtrack composed by my buddy, JC Holdsworth.


Press and reviews

infinitecontinues: review (89/100), interview
GoFanboy: review (9.0/10)
Eurogamer: review (7/10)
xblig.co: review (4/5)
Writings of Mass Destruction: review
Explicit Gamer: video review (starts at 2:17)

Get it now!

FlipSide is available for download on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace for 80 Microsoft Points (roughly a dollar, of which I get 70 cents). Give it a shot! There's even a free trial. You can get it directly from your Xbox 360 or queue it up for download from the comfort of your web browser by clicking here.